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Buy CE7 | CE7 smart contract 0x7E7aA6A037bC056AE5Bd6a399553cbaC1B680602 | github.com/daoact | Medium

Really excited about this project and appreciate the detailed information provided about it.

Keep up the good work!

Muito interessante o projeto e a plataforma apesar de não falar Inglês consegui compreender o projeto


This is very interesting

Thank you!

I would love to take advantage of this great opportunity



Hello ACT

If only change could be this easy. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for this give away ACT Community hoping that the will be great.

good luck!

this is really nice campain

I love this project. you will success.

Seems good oppurnity, secure wallet.

Go big!

I support you. Please do your best!

Keep me posted with newsletter

I don't know

It is good project

pre project issue price and your road map should be clear

GO GO ACT ! It makes better world :)

I believe that you are making a huge breakthrough in the industry! I wish you good luck and will follow your progress.

What a great worthwhile project, keep at it!

Its good to join this project.


good project

keep it up!

I think ACT we be a success to the moon!

good job

I am excited to see a project that see quite unique from the rest. Looking forward to support you guys! Best wishes!

Keep up the good work

thank you and good luck

Good Luck!

The Act is one of the projects of famous and good for the future for all people

To the moon

I wish success to the project, I will follow your results!

Us for us, help yourself, great.

would like to learn more info


Good work

No feedback

I hope it will work in Russia

ACT I trust you

Keep up the good work!

Great work

This project has the potential for immense growth

this is a great thing you guys are doing, it really relates to the society as a whole.

This project is very good for the future. Congratulations on the project, #actnow

Go go Act! This is an amazing project.

no comments

Nice giveaways  question to make bounty hunter using bot application

More updates !

Go to the moon :)

Keep the fire burning !

Good luck for this project


Please add them here

Good job !

Give us more!

This will be my luck to win goodluck guys

Thanks and Good Luck

Merci pour votre travail remarquable

thanks and good luck

Like the way you generated our interest in ATC

will join soon

This is really a good way to present your project and other people

I wish you the best of luck

This sounds like a really cool project. Best of luck!

good luck for everythings

Good Project see u live soon

Good idea, I support it.

Gd Project board soon

Keep up the good work.

Good job

We are committed to long-term cooperation

Count on me!

This project is filling a gap

Good luck with project

I see high potential in your project!

Project sounds awesome!

Nice project

That's very nice

The concept of act is good and promising

Good luck!

I wish you good luck))

I believe your project

nice job!

This project seems interesting

great work brothers

I really hope that you'll succeed! I thought about something similar, burn for now my knowledge in blockchain is too small...

looking into this future project

Keep rockin guys!

interresting idea!

Love #Act. Finally, a social and impact driven project. Well thought out incentives  built for early adopters, and long distribution window for more "mass" adoption.

Good Luck,

nothing in particular.

Go! Act go!

Great initiative

project looks super interesting

THX for the bounty campaigne 😉

merci vraiment

Interesting concept. I'll follow the updates.

Hello World

ACT very good

muito bom

Very interesting project, good luck!

Truly inspirational

I wish you every success and good luck

good luck !

Good luck :))

Good luck with the project!

Great idea.  Best of luck guys!

May be cool

Please try to cooperate with governments on this in the following way: Every tax payer gets X amount of Act (or Act-Tax) based on the amount of tax they've paid. They can then use the platform to vote on how much of their tax is allocated to which project. This is something that I've been dreaming of for over a decade, but never had the drive to fight for (since governments are so slow-moving and resistant to change). If you can pull this off you'll make the world a much better place. Best Regards from Germany.


Keep up the great work.



I like your hardcore approach to make people actually learn about the project

Great Project!

This is an inspiring and interesting project.


A very interesting and genuin idea! Best of luck with the projector!

All the best!

This is really a good way to present your project and other people

good project...

i think you have a nice project there, wich helping someone else where the state can't... keep us the good work and hoping your project have good long life..

je vous souhaite une très belle réussite...

Looking forward to learning more and participate in project

To be successful !

You are the best!

I like this

Thank you!

This platform is a terrific idea and cannot wait to see its full potential!

hope this project will be success

Success for us!

this is a good project

It is very promising. I will join pre-project.


Thank you

Well done! I really wait for my mobile app))



Good idea, pleasant poll, no tiring, I wish success.

Make the world better!


To the Moon!!!

I am optimistic about the project


Great idea!

Good work, keep it up

Looks like interesting project with a right intentions and I see a huge perspective in it!

I was referred by Jack Sinclair. I like this project very much. Good luck friends.

Very excited

good job guys.

Inspired idea. I will read more about this

Good luck and may you succeed

I think this will help humanity as a whole to be more productive and committed in their goals.

hope you're as good in economics as in marketing, at least :)

Good luck guys&gals!

good job

i think its interesting project, i will join :)

This is such a great idea for engaging common people to take a read on what's will the project do in the present and the future

Great job

God job and ty so much

Wish you all the best on the launch

Good work

Merdeka semoga act bisa naik terus sampai ke puncak

Good luck)

you sound good


right concept at the right time, bravo

Best of luck 👍🏻

довольно интересно!

Wonderful project!!

great work guys. go on.

Very good website and campain

I believe in decentralized organizzation that support citizen and I would be part in this supporting. Keep doing for better future.

This is really a very good. I am wishing for big success


Great initiative!!

Good work

Great job


This team seem very successful.

See you at the top

thank you

I am waiting for you, a great job, since your project is good and has everything to go right.

This looks like a very interesting project and I am hoping for the best, good luck!

Good work...go haed

Good luck

Very excited! Goodluck!

Hope You guys do well, sounds interesting

Good luck!


Nice project

I pray for your success!

Желаю удачи, это большая ответственность!!))

It's a great thing. Smart Contract is future

Great project to be part of.

Good luck, ACT!

C'mon Guys!

good luck for the future

Let's GO!

it was about time for something like this. One of the uses of blockchain for the greater good.

Thank you i love this sure...

Giving. Is important

Cant wait to see more action from ACT. Keep it up!

seems like a really interesting project

Its good keep it up.

I'm excited for the launch of daoact

Great project!

The agenda behind this is great, quite an honor to have discovered it

The project is great, the idea to deal and help resolve real life issue makes it  great.

Me parece espectacular este proyecto, se que tendrá gran potencial a futuro

Thanks, good luck!

Good Luck

Just hope, that i answer right

your giveaway give us a new way to adopt it

Seems to be an extremely interesting project... waiting for news.

Amazing Concept. Support it fully.

Good idea!

solid project with a good cause. do keep up the good work

Keep it up and simple!!!


Good luck and job

I am just looking forward for this succesful venture. All the best.

me gusta el proyecto y lo veo con futuro prometedor por que ser innovador

disrupting judicial flaws through social engineering. i love it

Nice earning side

Best of Luck.

I hope the team is trying to make the project successful and wish you good luck

It is looking a very promising project to me.I will invite my friends also.

I wish you success and wait for the project)

like the approach instead of cliche bounty ;)

i'm interested!

By the people for the people... Nice project, thank you!

Best giveaway here. It's not capitalist, it teaches.

Great project will learnt more about it

i hope this project will still be alive and be seen, used by my grand grand sons

Thanks, and we hope ACT stands out!

i'm an activist at heart and want to see this project thrive and go good for the world, because I believe that I and WE, like-minded people were put here to change the world for the better. Keep up the good work and God Speed : )

I hope all this efforts will pay off for you guys and that it will work out well! :)

Thank you for encouraging goodness.

I wish you success!

Let us all reach for the stars! Great idea  and great work.

Сделаем мир и нашу жизнь лучше!

You are the best!

I trust your work team, change the world!

looks interesting

great idea! good luck!


great attraction to the upcoming project

Looking forward to preproject

Very nice

It looks very good. All the best for the coming months.

Amazing apps

Sounds like a great project, thank you!!!

I hope, this can be a promising business

Very interesting network. I question the descentralized part of it though? Will you keep votes anonymous or does everybody have a profile to engage on the platform? If you do need a profile, is it going to be derived a different API such as Civic or will it be under Act?

Right project for the right time!

Can't wait for the launch!

project looks promising


Nice to be a part of this project


I'm sure It's a good project for better future.

No pain no gain

vamos com tudo!

I'll follow this proposal to see how it pans out. All the best.

so nice

Nice idea


Continue doing good for citizens

I hope it will be good

Espero tudo de bom!

seems like a brilliant idea/platform

Finally, "change.com" will get a thoughtful competitor.

Act is a very innovative and impressive project.

All the best for your project.

Good Luck

great going

Please make it a success

great initiative

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the raffle! And I wish good luck in further work!

Great project and wingz is great partner for this

very interesesting project - real life use case and social responsibility is what I want do see in blockchain technology. Full support :)

All good

Good project! Will support it!

Good! Super

Thank you. My friend and I support this project

Good project. Crowdfunding for personnel who needs assistance can really make good use of the blockchain funding.

I hope the best in project development and believe this project will be better. Future Projection will be Successful

power to the people!

great idea...will see you to the moon....!!!!!

Great idea, thanks!


Awesome project

Love you

Nice worldwide-scale project ! GL

more like this

Good idea. please use social media a lot

Thank you for your hard work.

Watched the AMA ! Solid answer from both of you. :)

really good thing


Earning while learning ! Nice idea. Hope there's more giveaway from ACT

Solid dev ! Good luck for your future endeavors !

Good luck with your project. Looks promising. I'm gonna participate at the pre project too.

Good luck for your project !

I love how my ideas are becoming projects in this inter-connected world :D

I support you

Keep it Up

Nice work I do hope the project is successful


Hope i will get my reward

Thank You

Way to go. Great visionary concept

Good project.

Whish you  big suces

Good luck

promised future

looks really interesting

Very interested in this.

This could be a very interesting project, I am excited to be involved in the project

very promising project

Very good

wish you all the best

Your idea is great

I liked everything very much

keep up the good work

Good luck for the project, this kind of bounty is good :)


Great initiative

nice initiative

Thankyou, goodluck for the project! I hope you will be success. Fighting!! ^^

Good luck

This is someting really cool GO. GO.

не верю в халяву

I support this idea

Sounds like a great concept! Good luck to you guys and thx for this opportunity!

looks great!

Great initiative!

Good Luck Dev, Hope this project success and done , all supporter at here


thanks for the opportunity to participate in your project. I find ACT a really nice idea and would love to see the project grow and florish. The political implication ACT could bring with it are enormous and I´m really looking forward to the outcomes.

Good idea!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes

super!! really great hope this will make a huge difference

Regulation no bubbles


Great concept to end Social corruption

great ideas, looking forward to how this is fleshed out!

Thanks for what you are doing! World changing!

awesome project, wish you the best!


Hope this project promotes knowledge and not copy-paste ideas and quotes.

I really look forward to the pre-project. I look forward to be part of this movement, and do my bit of work.

Congratulations for the initiative, and we will together bring the more and more people to the experience of better days

i hope the best for you! good luck

It seems like a really great project! Looking forward to the launch!

Great project!

good project hope to long

Great for Humanity

all good

Thanks and good luck ! :)

Good luck

wish you all the best , time to give power to the people

Great project! Good luck for the project

This type of interaction to trigger change and keep others accountable is so needed today!  I wish you all the success in the world!

Be helpful to others

Let's do it! Give me bonuses please :)

i wish you the best and hope stay with you in this adventure

Thank you for this interesting campaign, your project is really advantageous and would be very helpful for the people of over the world. I wish your team good luck, patience and profit! :)

I just this could be everywhere so people could know more about this great innovation

It nice to be here

Hope that it's worth it

Keep up the good work; interesting project.

Hope the offering goes well

This is a good project

nice project

i really like this project, i wish you all success

ACT is Social organization support for global society such as change.org, built base on blockchain and Decentralized


My best lucks to whole ACT Team! I`ll support your project!

I am very impressed by what you are doing to bring Social Responsibility to the Global Level. My mentor/leader strongly believes that the governments will fail and Civil Societies will prevail. These structures will help fund the civil societies in making them successful.



looking forward for live project

looks like a great project!

I am really hoping this can change the world.

great project


This is a great project. Happy to be part of it and have retweeted.

Waiting for the start

This is a good project to all citizenz.

Incredible project.  I'm so excited.

Just let it shine

all good

go for it, i love your vision...

Hope we go to the moon

Thank you!

Good idea

good luck

The time is right for such a movement, thanks!

When an idea is coming to the time is has to flourish,nobody can stop ,its its time,a time to Act


This give us a great opportunity for everyone to know the overview

All the best!

I believe the project will be a big success

Nice hand

good luck

I am very require these to my study

Go earn act. This work os wonderful


Go for it

It is very encouraging to participate in this initiative for citizens the state become responsible

Very interting and powerfull

Good luck!

good luck and keep up the good work

не знаю что это за проект и зачем, но поучаствую!

Good Luck!

Nice idea and solid support from devs ! Keep up the good work

The idealogy behind this project is so good. I can see already where the future of this will be headed.

This is a new future

Sound very good and keep going

Make it easy so many people can join.

very interesting project, im in)

Good project. Hope you will receive good result!

Great project, love it :D

you are doing good, keep it going.

really thank you

Great idea

Looks like lot of development has been going on since the origin of the idea. This is really a good sign of a potentially successful project. Look forward to a great success of the project.

thank you for this !

Is a great project I hope it has a great growth

Good Luck

the system of social safety nets like this should be developed extensively in areas of dense population and the poor

price of project to the moon!

You have a great team!

Good luck for your innovation.

Hope this will be a good project ))

We gonna do much code for cause!

I have full confidence in this project

very useful

thank you

interesting project on participatory crowd philanthropy

I hope ACT will be The best

Looks good!

No words to say !! Great !!!

Wishing this project much success.

Nice idea, Great project and Awesome team.. this project will success in the future

Good Luck!

Good job !!!!!!

Please do your best!

Good luck!

Best of luck and success with this great project!

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