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Buy CE7 | CE7 smart contract 0x7E7aA6A037bC056AE5Bd6a399553cbaC1B680602 | github.com/daoact | Medium

Keep moving forward

Good luck!

I like the story and the campaign, hope you can help people in the future with this business :) cheers and blessings

Blockchain technologies should be for enjoyed from everyone.

I will support your prosperity

Great work !!!

Cool test! I'm waiting for the opening of the project!

GO Team!!!!!

Excellent idea on the test.  I loved it. Great project. Great looking team.  

Very professional presentations.  I'm impressed. Good luck.

Beautiful.  Glad to have found this project.  Looks very promising. Thanks

Cheering you on

Great project great team.  Can't wait. God Bless

Looks good.

I look forward to the value of the currency rising.

This does look interesting. Thanks.

trust a very big success for this nice project

Thanks a lot:)

You're being supported.

fantastic guys!

I hope this project successfully :D

Amazing company

this is a very interesting concept

This is a necessary project. Congratulation!

A very interesting concept

Great idea. I hope this works out as you planned.

I hope this project succeeds! Good luck!

Good luck!

I hope you have a good project, everything will be okay

I see a very promising project coming and I have got my eyes on it!

Good luck!!

Excellent project!

Let's go make some projects !

good work!

Thank you very much.

Good job

Good idea

A true project for help and change lives, bringing opportunities

Your project is excellent. I am very pleased to participate in it

It will change the world for the better!

Sounds great!

Great idea! Good luck!

Good luck on your project!

Sounds great!

It's actually very confusing about the hard details of what you are going to do

Great project ! I wish you the best !

This is an awesome project I hope it we get the entire community involved!

Thank you for the opportunity you give us to join a new economy. Long live ACT

keep up the good work and best of luck

This is a great idea and a great cause, keep up the great work!

I like your idea and waiting for the pre-project best of luck with your project

Awesome Work!.

Good luck and enjoy!

thanks for the invitation

Great and innovative project


I think ACT will become great


This looks like a really interesting project I wish you all the best!

This Campaign is really true to its name..Nice giveaway gesture!

Looks like a really interesting project!  Excited to take part!

Keep up the good work!

Good luck on all! This looks like a legit project, now let's get the ball rolling!

Hope it will be a successful project

It's a necessary advance for the future organizations and relationship with state and citizens to have the capacity to make micro payments for consolidate the future we want.

THE Best solution  blockchain yes ACT

Hopefully the ACT project is successful.

I hope that the ACT project can change the world for the better

Using an ACT project might help people like Maria Dzuba get his rights

Need to understand the project even better

I'm very interested in this project and I enjoy it

I this will be useful in the future

I like the project you are starting- Good luck

Good job, nice concept.

Great project. World needed such thing. Looking forward to go long way with ACT. Thank you

top demais, quero ficar rproject!!

This is Amazing Project hope to help and Develop other poor country or individual.

The project looks very interesting, and hope you guys succeed. Still not very clear how validated your assumptions are and the viability of the model. (


Good project

Looking forward to the project with impatience

Good project, good luck!

Waiting for the start of the project

Good luck guys! I think it will be great project!

Good luck to ur project!

really looking forward to see the development. Thank you

i will follow this project and i will help to promote you.

Thank you. Success to you

I am excited for this new blockchain.  Keep up doing the good work of helping the blockchain community stronger

it's a cute, I hope You'll keep Your start


Interesting project. Good luck!

Filling this was fun :-)

Good luck to all the team ;)

Plz, email further instructions, help me.

Good job.  Looking forward for more details

Very Interesting idea. I support you.

Great idea, great project. Will definitely take part in project!

Wish good luck to your project!

Cool dude!

I like the way you structured the give away, it actually forces people to read what they are about

I wish you luck and success in your implementation!

Be the best

The project has a great idea! I sincerely wish success in its implementation :)

Really like to see ACT grow.

Keep up the good work !


go go go

I think ACT will be great

Good job!

Great project!

Great initiative, long term commitment


interesting project, i like it

Great job!

I hope to the moon

success to the daoact 's team

Hope the platform works good, great project

I look forward to the project with impatience

Empires are rewards of forging the weak in the fire

goodluck, i wait this project

Thanks to you guys ;)

great project, i think i will buy into it

very nice and ethical project ! good luck !

You have a great way to get others to know you well

I think this is a really interesting project

Keep up the good work guys !

Interesting project

I look forward to the project with impatience!!!

Желаю успехов ;)

thanks and go head whit this great project.

Great idea! Good luck!

I love this project and i will do my best to for this project.

Looking forward to the product.

I wish you big gain of your project

More info on your web would be nice. Business Plan, Team, Expectations...

Best of Luck!

This is excellent!

wish you luck! I believe in you!

интересная идея...

Wish you good luck and success with your project ;-)

good luck!

Great work!

It was very nice to learn about ACT

I anticipate a hype in the ACT.

just support ACT

Good luck to all the team ;)

Sorry I don't use tweeter or I would tweet it !

I hope this works out for everyone. It's a good idea

Great project. I am long term supporter.

I will be closely watching the continual development of your platform and wish you and your team the best of luck.

Good luck! Great social idea.

Great idea!

I am excited by the platform and look forward to seeing its future.

I like the concept and am in the learning stages of block chain and acts concept

Muito bom

Nice site


Looking forward to the project and future developments

good job

the great project ACT in the future


If you have any cool news to share with my views, look up Mythocurrency on YouTube

Keep up the good work!

hoping you extend your help to all those in need

Keep on keeping on


thanks a lot

It's good

Good Luck, guys. You have a very good project

Im in LOVE with this project

Good project!

Good Luck


I wish you the best of luck with this project. It is inspiring!

We are eager to wait to use ACT by all people in the world.

I hope your project succeeds and everyone gains something good from it.

This is the first humanitarian project i've seen to date,  I mean all of these blockchain enthusiasts are aiming for a good cause,  but this site seems exceptional.




I'm pumped for your campaign! I'll be a long time holder for sure. Good luck, I can't wait for the release.

Good luck project

hoping the best for your team, very well organized project

nice project!

I hope in this project

Good luck, and be transparent with the community please!!

Thanks for doing this! And the best wishes to make this project great

It looks like the future of social network with liberty

a great social project

I wish the project all the best

You are doing a great job guys

I think this is a very intereresting project, best of luck with the launch!

Great project. Good luck.

dont have yet but can help you do social good.

This is a great and unique way of promoting a great and unique project!

Concept is good

I feel wonderful, the world will become one


I have PLBT address as i dont have ethereum yet..i hope so it will be suffice

nice platform

It is very intersting for me! Thanks, guys!

Thank You

Very interesting looking project!


Good, i like it


Very nice project, I totally like it

I tried hard. English is a second language. Good luck to you.


Good luck!

This was an effective way to get me to know more on ACT.

Best wishes to realise the dream


Ждем развития проекта

Very nice project, I am looking forward to it.

First of all, I just thought that it would be an easy giveaway. On the other hand, it made me learn about your project. And I loved it. Hopefully, everything will be smooth as you wish.

cool project!

i think act will be successed

Can't wait for your project and thanks for your social conscience


I really liked this concept of blockchain solution focusing towards the social benefit.

all will be well

Thank you! I'll watch your project

keep it up the good work

Удачи в !


keep spirit and good luck with awesome project

Thank you Liza and the team. =D


Hope you have a very successful campaign, so we can bring positive change.


Visit Mythocurrency. They are promoting you on YouTube

Well Done!

very interesting project

This project has me excited!

Good luck me

Thank you so much.

Good luck

Go gett'em

Its very interesting

This is a worthy project. Keep up the good work and wish the team every success! :)

It looks like a good platform

Thank you!

I'm supporting.

I love the concept. Hope it will be a success!

good luck

This will be a good project to follow, I hope this project will succeed, good luck for the team

Do your best!

Waiting for your project and wish you good luck and great success!

good luck ))

Keep the good work, dev!

Bon courage

I'm glad to hear about this, wait for a nice time :)

Way to go!

Good luck to the whole team!!!!

I hope this project can succeed like any other

can't wait for project

Thank you!

Just do it:)


May i win!!

good luck to all

Keep positive the future is yours!!

good luck !

Thanks, good iso

Good initiative for the test. Incentives to learn more about ACT

i like there motive this will help crores of people who are really suffering.

Я в вас верю)

i think it is a wonderful project. Best of luck for the project

Super! Very happy to participate.

Я тоже в вас верю)

Меня он тоже убедил)

It's a cool concept...way to go ....

Good project

I hope you're gonna go well when you're gonna be introduced to exchanges !

Keep up the good work!

hope you succeed

Very nice project, thanks for the opportunity.

ACT pre-project turning ideas into reality!

everything good. good luck with your project

good luck

Interesting! It will be easier and faster to help causes we believe, together with the advantages of the blockchain.  I'll be following for updates.

Good luck !!

I'm confident in this project

Good luck guys !

you are amazing

Great project! I wish you all the best!

Good Luck

Great brilliant concept of smart contracts to help in need

Loving this project.

no comment

Not Realy

Keep up the good work

Good job

this is going to be very helpful

Beautiful looking project, guys! Best of luck to you!

No comment

all super

I wish that this project can go to the moon


Success and move forward daoact

looking very promising guys!

Best luck :)

I wish luck

more advertise

good luck


The best


look forward to being involved with this project.

great idea and I'm excited to be a part of it


no comment

Love it!

well played

I wish your project only growth!

the citizens need this


good luck guys!

Good project

Good Luck

Keep on striving for success !

Keep up the good work dev !

I like this project. A good idea!

great projects

Отличная штука, мнеп понравилось! Вы супер!

Thank you and good luck


We can do it

Dao Act Rules!


I believe in you

You notice things well done

Looking forward to see this project social project launch and get involved.

Yes we can



I would like to be a great team

Fine project!

Thank you for the opportunity



Fascinating stuff, very cool

Поро лрорщкь ожщшьо  щшькщш лрь!!!!!

The addition of me is, the more successful the future do not disappoint the other participants :) god bless you.

Thank you Before

great oportunity

Thank you.

Valeu a pena !


interesting approach to smart contracts

Good luck!

This is an excellent project that helps all of us to be better ACT

I like your site Thanks

Lets do it

Keep it up! Go for it!


Nothing other than having great expectations.

Good Luck!

Keep up the good work !

Good luck, Go ACT super ACT

Your project is awesome, and you developed a great way for people to get acquainted with it. Good luck!

My wish is a wonderful project

Have a good project

Thanks !

all good

good luck!!!

I love it!

Go ahead!

Great project!

Keep it up!

Thank you

good job daoact. success

Good luck

keep on the good work!


Thank you and good luck

Good Luck

Hope ill earn as I learn. Good luck guys

Its a very good project which not only help people but also help societies as well as individuals  all over the world.

thanks and luck

nice. thank you

Good idea. good luck


Exelent proyect

Thank you for the oppertunity to participate. This is truly an innovative concept and I wish you all the best of luck!

great project,potentially will effective responsiveness to world problems

Great cause!

The idea is really excellent and is something that our society needs. I will support it in any way I possibly can.

this is a good project, and  i will support this movement.

ACT project has a very nice mission and perspective and I hope you all the best!

In ten years we will continue here

We are the best

Do it!!!!

your project is a very nice

good luck

Citizens First

It's a great way to present the project from offer to question and it looks like it will be a good project. I'm sure many people will know about this project if they take part in the offer.

Citizens First

I'm looking forward for this project

I'm looking forward in to this new project

I really hope the project will be succesfull! Keep up the good work.

Good luck!

Great Idea!  Great Pre project !

god bless you

great survey, looking forward!

Great project I hope a great future!

Best of luck and thanks.

Reads like an interesting project. I'll follow closely in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for the giveaway, people really appreciate it and it probably gets you quite a lot of attention